Saturday, March 29, 2014

By popular demand, I have moved this recap to my blog. Okay, my thoughts on Thursday night's Scandal: 1. Olivia is really beginning to get on my nerves. Sixteen minutes in, she had already been extra and brand new about 7 times. Shonda needs to do some retooling of her character, because she's not even the reason I watch the show any more. 2. Do they really think B613 is going to show up as a line item on a budget ANYWHERE? C'mon man. Wasting all that paper and we are in a recession.. Holiday party, check, toner cartridges, check, assassins for the country, check. NAAAWWWW!!!!! 3. Run. Hide. Die. Daaaannnngggg! 4. So, Quinn has 2 crazy assassins jocking, huh? She lickin' faces, makin' dreams come true, leaving Huck all bent over and wanting. Even made dude break his lease. Girrrlllll........ 5. Last week: "Uh-uh Dimitri." This week: " Rockabye Baby Dimitri." 6. I'm pretty sure I'm sick of Olitz kissing and making out in front of the Oval Office windows. 7. So, nobody thought to at least vet 2 teenagers we've never seen because they live away from their parents and are in boarding school? Nobody checked their phones, looked at their Facebook pages or anything? Where are the Secret Service agents assigned to them? Tom needs to get up there and straighten it all out. 8. "Glass houses, Olivia." Wow. Face-cracked, Liv. You just got OWNED! 9. Daddy Pope is mesmerizing every time he comes on the screen. 10. For all her faults, Mellie does seem to be a caring mom. 11. Mama Pope! She even has Adnan scurried. 12. Jerry might be a sociopath. 13. Why don't these people ever sneak off to Camp David to get it on? All this woo-pitching in the White House is a bit much! Always getting caught with skirts up and pants down. Stop it! 14. Side note, when you watch it on a tablet, it says it will be shown with limited commercial interruptions. Yet every 6 minutes, the same 5 ads come on. Quit playing, ABC. 15. "You were on your knees with Uncle Andrew." That line alone is going to ensure years of talk therapy and meds. 16. "I am the Commander In Chief." I am Command. I am not your Bish!" Fitz, have sev-er-al seats, please sir. 17. How is Cyrus going to be all bum rushy? He ordered Jake to kill James. Cyrus, have a seat next to Fitz, please. But I will say that Jeff Perry won his Emmy with one word of dialogue in that scene. 18. And why do they have these heartfelt, Iago/Hamlet conversations in the Oval Office - WHICH IS SURVEILLED!!! 19. These people ain't tired of getting read up, down and sideways by Daddy Pope? First, YOU ARE A BOY. Now, YOU ARE ALONE! Come and kill me by yourself if you want to. Hmmph. Leave him alone and let him do his fake job. 20. And Jake, when you show up to kill him all alone, you might be surprised. You saddown too. 21. What do we pay you for?- Liv, you are the help. Why you acting all shocked now? 22. If I were Liv, my ardor for Fitz would have cooled after dealing with his crazy kids. Oh no, boo, ain't nobody got time for this. 22. Fitz got up out of his seat and let Olivia know she needed to have several seats as well. Scootch over Jake, make room on that sofa for your girl. 23. Fitz is gonna be real shame when he finds out why Mellie shut him down. But 10 years? And nobody thought about therapy? 24. This is why you never put your heart in a married man's hands. When it gets right down to it, you come waayy behind their wife and kids, even if that situation is not perfect. Liv, go pop some corn and a couple of corks. You got some thinking to do. 25. Kim Reliford Wannamaker - we both know that Adnan is going to have to die for that stunt she pulled with our boo. 26. Mothers are the same whether they are Georgia Ann Ashley Hicks or Maya Pope. Haven't we all heard, "Well, if that's the way you want to do that, I can't get in your way, you are a grown woman/man"? Passive-aggresiveness is a great guilting tool.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Prince on Arsenio Hall, though...

1. First, giving honor to God and to my line sis Donna Frazier, who hipped me to this fabulous hour of television. Carlos Prudhomme gets a shout as well for the text. 2. If Whoopi is the Queen of No Dambs Left To Give (note her EGOT and her crazy outfit from the Oscars), then Prince is definitely the King. He came out with a frizzy ‘fro, yellow, then white spandex catsuit, furry vest and KILLED IT!! 3. Inspiring quote #1: When talking about putting together his new music, he mentioned that “Since I’m no longer under contract, it just takes a little longer to put out quality music…I’m from the old school… in a singles-driven market, I prefer to make albums.” Takeaways – artists need to start learning how to handle their business in this show business game and own their stuff like Prince does. And stick to what works for you. Don’t chase trends. How many of us will still be talking about Chris Brown or Justin Bieber in 30 years. 4. Which brings me to this: Is “Purple Rain” actually 30 years old this year? DAAAAAAANNNNNNGGGGG! 5. Inspiring quote #2: When asked by Arsenio what he would be doing if he wasn't, well, PRINCE, he responded that when he was 19 years old and really broke that he looked in the phone book to see what kind of work he could get…and found nothing that he wanted to do. This made him determined to push harder and make his music work. That is just, badass. Work your dreams, people. 6. Which brings me to this: Arsenio was as giddy as a schoolgirl. But I can’t hate. I would have been disgusting too. 7. He went back to the old school with playing the B-sides. “She’s Always In My Hair.” If he would have busted out with “Horny Toad” I would have fallen slap out. 8. However, those people with the wack questions needed to have several seats. What is your favorite chore? Man, prince does not have dishpan hands. Ask him about his music, his hopes and dreams, when is he making another movie, when is he going back on tour. Really, does he watch infomercials? You get your chance to bow at the feet of a musical genius and THAT’S all you got? 9. There’s truly no way to top that. Arsenio can retire now. He got Prince for a whole hour. He can drop the mic and exit stage left. 10. There will never ever in a million years be another Prince. This is why I can’t listen to mainstream radio. Nobody can do what he does. He is an ARTIST. Not just an entertainer, not just a singer, not just a musician. This is what I love about music. Prince made me love music, and for that, I will always be a loyal fan. 11. I love how he always gives great new artists a chance. I’m a new Liv Warfield fan. 12. I am sticking to my policy of always BUYING (not downloading from Freegal or dubbing from the library) any Prince album unheard. And that says a lot, because I own “Come.” Yeah. What did you guys see that inspired you last night?