Monday, November 11, 2013

I'm FAMOUS! My brush with fame as a "Scandal" tweeter

I do not commit to very much television.  As a busy graduate student I just do not have time, although I am not above the occasional (okay, regular) viewing of the time suck that is Investigation Discovery as well as the Sunday marathon of "Snapped" (it's on in the background; I'm not really watching it...).  However, in terms of scripted, professionally acted television, I don't get to watch much...

Except the highly addictive and well-written show "Scandal" which airs on ABC.  I have become one of "those people" who thinks that the world wants to hear my voice on this, and as such I have become a fairly regular live tweeter on Thursday nights.  A couple of weeks ago, Shonda Rhimes, the creator and my writing idol, retweeted me and I thought that was the pinnacle.  That is until I got a tweet from one of the show's producers that they had used my tweet in their weekly recap that is on the ABC website.  OH. EM. GEE.  So of course I have to share:

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