Friday, April 18, 2014

Scandal Commentary - Season 3 Finale

I just watched and I'm totally speechless.  I had almost given up on my show, because the last 3-4 weeks have been, well, limp.

I have also stayed off of Facebook for the last 21 hours because I wanted NO spoilers.

This episode totally belonged to Joe Morton.  If this dude does not get an Emmy, we need to boycott. Here are all the ways that it is Eli Pope's world and we are all just living in it.  They are sort of all over the place, but so are my emotions after this episode.

1.  This took me a minute, but do y'all realize that he made Maya stab him? Enough to draw lots of blood, but not enough to injure any organs. That's what she meant in response to Liv's query as to whether their life was 'real'.  "I didn't kill him, and we all know I could have." ( I totally loved Khandi Alexander's delivery of that one sentence.)  She told Eli to bring her baby home and by getting shanked, she came right to his side.

OOOOOOHHHH - and Maya was in the hole at the end, so now she's going to be B613!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2.  He probably allowed Maya to get loose to reign Liv back in.  Think back over the whole season.  She was locked up for 22 years and that's the first time she thought of going coyote and knawing her arm off?  I don't think so.

3.  Even with a knife wound, he hobbled past SS (and we know the deal on that now, don't we), and got up in Prez's face.  GANGSTA!

4.  But Tom though!  A poisoned ring!  So very...Borgia.....

But what about the lines???  These absolutely rocked my world!

5.  To be young, gifted and Black.

6.  Daddy took care of it.

7.  You think you can take me because I'm old and injured, but you CANNOT take me.  You CANNOT take Command!

Now, for the rest of it...

8. Judging by that boatload of boxes, B613 did have a paper trail.  Sloppy....

9.  That was some super quick packing that Liv did.

10.  How are Huck and Quinn so insatiable that they have to do it in the office?  That's not comfortable AT ALL.

11.  Mellie wants a refund. Liv should have been like Whitney Houston -- "Where is your receipt?"  Mellie, this ain't Best Buy.  Declare it a loss on your 1040 and keep rolling.

12.  But did they have to kill the baby, though?  Shonda went hardcore!

13.  Since the "7:52" episode, I knew Huck's family was coming back. Query though, she went back to school and went from librarian to lawyer so that means she has a house like that.  Also, why couldn't she just have become the Librarian of Congress and come up on her other profession? (Admittedly, this is personal).

14.  Since we know that we'll see them next season, wouldn't it be totally awesome if Javi is a mini Huck in training?

15.  Guillermo Diaz also deserves an Emmy nod for that scene with Liv in her apartment.

16.  Why Jake won't leave Liv be?  She's probably like, "Damn, if I take you with me will you quit being so thirsty?"  At least cold nights won't be lonely...  And the subtle expression change on her face after she declined the call from the White House is the kind of thing that makes me believe in Kerry Washington's acting abilities again.

17. With Columbus Short's personal issues, I think we can put him on the Bye Felicia list.   But, keeping it 100, mental illness is real, and I hope he can get the help that he needs.

18.  'Cause Harrison, nobody mouths off at Command and lives to tell the tale.  'Cept Liv.

19.  Are we rid of Sally?  I surely hope so.  Leo too, for that matter.

20.  Are we all going to be in front of the TV in October when this show comes on again??  After this episode, I am back in.  Shonda went straight HAM!  I am glad.

Things to ruminate on over summer hiatus:

Mellie and Fitz's new relationship.

Where did Liv go and how is she going to re-enter the picture?

What is Eli going to do next?  I hope join forces with Maya. B613 is gonna be a bad mutha....

How is Cyrus going to get his soul back from the devil?  And will we get to see that cute little girl again?

What's going to happen to Quinn now that she's jobless and manless?

How is Huck's new/old family going to fit into the picture?

Is Abby still going to be a hater?

Please let me know what y'all think by posting in comments or on my Facebook page.

Peace out!!!

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